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co2 cylinder with regulator and air hose
Basic Kit Includes

1 CO2 tank 10 lb capacity (cylinder: Can order larger or smaller size)
High-Flow, Low Frost Ultraflow Regulator with Quick connect
Steel guard to protect Regulator gauges
25' of 3/8" AirHose with pre-installed quick connect equipment.
Air Inflator (chuck) 250psi Various brands equivalent to AstroAI
This includes absolutely everything you need to easily air up all 4 tires without having to move the tank around to each tire.  It does NOT include any kind of mounting hardware.

*Standard kit comes with 1 10lb tank, but you can request any color of paint. 
Spray painting it as close as we can to match is free. 
Powder coating with your specific color is $200 for most sized tanks. 
A Quick Fist rubber mounting bracket from Amazon works to secure the tank for many situations. Find it on Amazon

The Offroad Air Buddy CO2 Tire Inflation kit makes you more self-sufficient


CO2 cylinder connected to air hose and regulator Here is a Basic 10 lb Kit completely set up.  Everything you need to air up your tires.  It's up to you to secure it somehow.  Could be Bungee Cords, Ropes, various metal brackets.

Whether you Offroad or not, we've all been caught with a flat tire, or one running low and needing a way to inflate that tire. If you're on the side of the road, you hopefully have a fix-a-flat handy, but that doesn't actually inflate the tire. For a small leak it might stop or minimize the leak, but you still need to air up your tire.  Instead of searching for a gas station with a working air compressor, you can use the Offroad Air Buddy system to inflate your tire. Of course, if you're a 4x4 person or go offroading a lot, you'll need a way to air your tires back up before getting back on the pavement.  Driving on the road, especially at high speeds, on tires with a low pressure can destroy or wear out your tires.

Whatever the situation might be, you can use a Offroad Air Buddy Tire Inflation solution to have a higher degree of self-sufficiency. You can air up a low tire or air up all 4 tires, run air tools, use the blow gun to inflate a mattress or water toy, power a water pump or power your air lockers! We're a small family business in Houston, TX so we've intentionally kept this system as affordable as possible, while still providing you with quality parts that you can be proud to own. You can always get your tank powder-coated if you want. We partner with PBI Customs, and they will provide you with a low-cost, high-quality powder coating if you choose to use them for your tank. They can match your factory paint for any vehicle.

All of the components in this Offroad Air Buddy Tire Inflation system have been carefully (and painfully) measured, weighed, and reviewed, and tested for performance. We have upgraded each component in every possible way while keeping the final price for the 10lb kit at $400. We hope our customers will appreciate the testing and research that has gone into this tire inflation system. The Regulator for our tire inflation kit produces 9 SCFM (more than enough to run medium duty air tools) at 90 PSI and the Quick Connect fitting we use are the high-flow "V" type (extra wide opening style) that are still backwards compatible with the "Industrial" style fitting. The Quick Connect fittings are the type that connects easily by simply pushing in the male end.  Even the Bungee cords represent a lot of research. They are extra durable and the plastic hooks at the ends have an inner metal core for added strength. Not one piece of this kit was selected because it was cheap, but rather because it performed as well as (or better) than the most expensive alternatives.

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Ask about the onboard water kit!! pump and water container included!

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