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We started in the CO2 busines in 1947 when Cordia Ray opened the first iteration of Carbonics called CMR Carbonics. The company has been restructured and gone through name changes and ownership changes since then but it is still in the family and the 3rd generation, Sam and Chrisy, are heading up this aspect of the business. Carbonics still specializes in Dry Ice and CO2, you can check out Carbonics here if interested: but Offroad Air Buddy is more about using CO2 to provide gas for your tires and power for your road-side or trail-side repairs or water system.

A 10lb CO2 tank can provide you with enough power to run air tools, power a water pump, put gas in your tires, etc. It's cleaner and faster than an air compressor. It's not as prone to break-down as an air compressor, since there are no moving parts, really. On the other hand, you have to get it refilled once in a while, whereas you just have to plug in an air compressor. So there are pros and cons both ways. I like that I can power an impact wrench and run a water shower or hose off my radiator (or muddy dogs): all things I couldn't do with a portable air compressor, and I love that when it comes time to air up my tires I'm done in a fraction of the time. That gives me extra time to stow my gear, break out some snacks, clean off my boots or my dogs and then wait around for my buddy with his air compressor, who is still working on airing up his tires!

This CO2 tank system is not just for offroading. My wife and I have been so spoiled by this system, that we now carry one is our daily driver street vehicle. We carry a smaller 5lb tank there because we're not airing up all 4 tires several times, we just use it for occassionally topping off the air in a tire or helping someone fix a flat. It's just nice knowing we don't have to find a gas station with a working air compressor on a trip if one tire gets a flat or is a little low.

This isn't a big corporation. This is a small mom and pop (and child and grandchild) operation.
If you would like to check us out doing some offroad stuff check out our Youtube channel here: Jeep Road


Come see us at our business:

Carbonics Inc
506 Nebraska St
South Houston, TX 77587

If you're close enough to come by you can pick up a kit with a full tank of CO2. Otherwise, if we are mailing your kit, the tank will come empty in the mail.


Add the Water Buddy System to your kit!