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Onboard pump driven water system for your vehicle.
The Water Buddy uses a CO2 powered self-priming fluid pump (Flojet) to pull water from a container and push it with force through a 25' 3/8 hose to a regular garden hose connection.  You can attach any garden hose type nozzle. 

For Offroaders - By Offroaders!
(all the stuff that works, nothing that doesn't)

The basic kit is:
*Water pump (self priming)
*Tubing to go from the pump into your container (we send 4', but you can cut it shorter)
*A short hose with a quick connect fitting for suppying gas to the pump.
*A 3/8-3/4"GTH fitting (you can attach to this anything that would fit on a garden hose





Here you see a dark blue container, but the color of the container may vary.

The pump can be mounted anywhere, I have it mounted on my roll bars.

You can use the water container of your choice.  Just drop the 3/8" supply line into
whichever container you want to use.  It can even be a gallon jug.

Then connect the pump's CO2 line to the Quick Connect fitting on your Air Buddy Tank.



The whole kit is $175.00 and can be added to your air buddy system or added to any compressed co2 or air system.

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